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Makiko is very friendly and welcoming. I had cosmetic & auricular acupuncture with LED light treatment. I just wanted to have my face freshened up but I was blown away when I saw my face just after 75 minutes treatment. My neck line is drained so that my face line became slimmer, my eyes are bigger, my eyebrows are lifted, my skin became brighter. I wasn't expecting this much from one treatment. Having acupuncture with LED light treatment was very relaxing. I definitely recommend Bijin therapy.

Ayumi Addison

I have had 5 sessions of cosmetic acupuncture paired with led light therapy. What amazing treatments. Makiko is wonderful and her space is so relaxing and calm. My skin feels so much brighter and tighter and my eyes have really opened up. I would thoroughly recommend to anyone that does not want to go down the Botox route or for someone that just wants to feel rejuvenated.

Charlotte Hardy

I had three sessions of cosmetic acupuncture supplemented with LED light therapy, followed by a custom face mask. Already my skin is more naturally plump, I have reduced puffy eyes and my complexion is improved. I am looking forward to completing my sessions with Makiko. The whole experience is very relaxing and therapeutic. I would thoroughly recommend it!


 Emer Wood

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