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Hello! I’m Makiko, originally from Japan and specialising in cosmetic acupuncture and energy healing. My unique journey began unexpectedly; I initially had a fear of needles. This phobia was so severe that even a routine blood test would make me faint. However, I decided to confront this fear, embarking on a journey that led me to the world of acupuncture. I started my practice in 2018, and since then, I’ve been dedicated to helping others discover the transformative power of cosmetic acupuncture. 

In the course of our lives, we accumulate experiences that leave their mark on our faces, revealing the unique stories we’ve lived. I’ve developed a profound fascination with the intricate tales etched in every scar and line. My mission is to inspire everyone to embrace and honour their individual stories, allowing us to gracefully age with vibrant, healthy skin as our most exquisite form of adornment.


Rather than devoting time, effort, and resources to what you apply externally, I encourage you to invest in the remarkable potential of your skin’s inner vitality. This approach is not only enduring but also inherently safer, drawing upon your body’s innate capacity for healing. My passion is to guide each person towards a state of enhanced well-being, contentment, and a naturally radiant beauty that emanates from a foundation of healthy, glowing skin.

 Beyond surface-level skincare, I focus on activating treatments that hydrate at a cellular level, release fascial adhesions, and reshape tissue. I’m a firm believer in individuality, tailoring treatments to your unique needs.

Bijin Therapy presents a holistic regimen, combining acupuncture, sculpting massage, LED light therapy, and healing, culminating in an invigorated body. Our initial consultation delves into your preferences and requirements, guiding us to craft an effective, personalized treatment plan that aligns with your desired outcomes.


As a member of The Acupuncture Society, I’ve been practising as a cosmetic acupuncturist with Cosmetic Acupuncture Wisdom at House of Kalmar in Belgravia and also at Cloud Twelve Club in Notting Hill in London.

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