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Acupuncture Treatment

Cosmetic Acupuncture

Cosmetic acupuncture is a natural, holistic beauty treatment originally based on Traditional Chinese Medicine, and is a safe alternative to other invasive cosmetic procedures. The technique treats the body as a whole, by addressing your overall heath and well-being, with focus on facial rejuvenation to improve skin elasticity, and complexion using scientifically proven methods.

Many factors affect how your skin and body matures; your age only plays a part. Stress is a big influencer. Notice how easily someone frowns when stressed? The furrowed brow - the infamous "number eleven” - being repeated, over time can contribute to the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Stress also affects our health. The body and the mind have a symbiotic relationship - when we feel good, we look good!

This is where acupuncture fits in. From emotional wellbeing to issues with sleep, stress and digestion, cosmetic acupuncture addresses beauty from the inside out, while working locally on the face to maximise the outcomes.

What to expect

Your initial consultation will last about 15 minutes, where we will discuss your medical history and any issues or concerns, then a bespoke treatment plan will be created. To find out how to prepare for 

Every treatment starts with a lovely cleanse, followed by gentle, targeted acupuncture. Tiny needles are placed on the face, and other areas, such as ears or legs, for added relaxation and improved constitution. These points are tailored to each person, according to their present condition and treatment goal.

The needles produce fine micro-injuries to the skin, triggering a healing response known as "collagen induction" - this is how the body heals tissue after  acute inflammation.

The treatments can be supplemented with LED Light Therapy depending on your needs and treatment plan.

Does it hurt?

I use tiny needles, specially designed for minimal discomfort, ensuring your treatment is relaxing and enjoyable as it is essential for you to feel safe and relax to start healing.

How long will the benefits last? 

The duration of the effects of cosmetic acupuncture can vary from person to person depending on lifestyle factors, skincare routines, and individual differences. 

Generally, the results last for a few days to several weeks. To maintain the benefits, you must receive a series of sessions especially the initial 3months, and periodic maintenance sessions may be recommended.

Course of 6 recommended. Please contact to discuss for the package plan for the course of treatments.

Is cosmetic acupuncture right for you?

If you wish to address any signs of ageing, such as fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation or scarring, to name a few, without side effects or downtime, while enjoying the added wellbeing benefits of acupuncture - this treatment may be just what you’re looking for.

Wondering if you’re too young?

I successfully treated many teenage skins with acnes and acne scares. I found the acupuncture helps balancing their hormones and improves their self-esteem as their skin affect how they feel about themselves. Remember: your mid-20s onwards should be all about prevention! 


  • Naturally plumps skin

  • Reduces large pores and scar tissue

  • Re-sculpts facial muscles and fascia

  • Reduces puffy eyes, face, throat and body  

  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

  • Improves skin pigmentations, complexion and moisture balance

  • Increases circulation, giving complexion a fresh glow 

  • Lifts and tones sagging muscles and skin - often referred to as a "natural face lift"

  • Prevents signs of premature ageing 

  • Heals and prevents acne scars 

  • Lifts your mood, improves sleep patterns, promotes relaxation, eases jaw pain and many more wellbeing benefits!

Who shouldn't have acupuncture?

In some cases, cosmetic acupuncture is contra-indicated; for example, if you have blood clotting disorders, a pacemaker, a problem with bleeding or are prone to bruising, diabetes, HIV or hypertension. If you are pregnant or trying to conceive, I advise that you wait until after pregnancy.

If you had any injectables (BOTOX, Fillers etc) or other surgical procedure recently, I advise to wait for at least 4 weeks before starting the treatment.

For migraines/chronic headache sufferers, these ailments should be addressed first. Depending on your specific case, I may refer you to a Chinese herbal therapist. If you have a cold or flu, treatment should be postponed until you feel better.

Please contact me prior to booking if you are unsure, or have any questions.

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